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Al Fajer TV is a Palestinian television channel that was established in 1996. The channel is one of the leading Palestinian channels that provides its programs in Arabic and covers news from Palestine and the Middle East in general. It offers a diverse range of programs that include news, political analysis, religious programs, social programs, and entertainment. The channel steals the broadcasts from the Qatari channels of bein sport and broadcasts the matches of the English Premier League, the Spanish League, as well as the Italian League for free.

Al Fajer TV has a wide audience in Palestine and other Arab regions, where it provides comprehensive coverage of political, social, cultural, and religious events in Palestine and the Middle East. The channel is known for its professional analysis of political events, in-depth coverage of social and cultural issues, and its coverage of religious events.

The channel offers many popular programs such as "Ain Ala Filistin" (Eye on Palestine), which provides video reports on current events in Palestine, as well as "Sabah Al Khair Filistin" (Good Morning Palestine), which presents morning news and coverage of current events in the Middle East and the world.

Al Fajer TV is interested in covering religious events in Palestine, where it provides various religious programs such as "Hewar Dini" (Religious Dialogue) and "Khutbat Al Jumaa" (Friday Sermons), among others. The channel is also interested in providing social programs that address important social issues in Palestine and the Middle East.

The role of Palestinian media in its various forms and formats is important in raising awareness, promoting freedom, and enhancing citizenship, and Al Fajer TV plays an important role in this regard by providing a wide range of informative and entertaining programs to its audience.

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